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Less than 2 weeks to go and I will jump from owning my own business to working part-time. I have my reasons for it, but more about that later. The reason why I tell you this now, has something to do with less career focused reasons / goals / hopes.
While stressing out millions of different things, I haven't had the time to focus on myself and I have come to realize that even that I love people with distinctive style, I no longer have one. I've become boring.
Soon I will have few day-offs every week and more time to be creative or even put some effort to my looks. I will start with small steps. Make up. Every day, outcluding serious slacking-off-at-home days. My new job won't be the ideal place to start paying attention to my looks, but I will save my efforts outside work.

This will be one of my lists for 2010.

[ ] Wear make-up every day, even if it means just evening your skin tone with some foundation.
[ ] Try new things with make-up, experiment.
[x] Cut a new fringe.
[ ] Wear a vintage slip as a home gear as often as possible.
[ ] Find ways to wear the same vintage slip outside the house.
[ ] Learn to find treasures from thrift stores and fleamarkets.
[ ] Sew, customise, modify, craft.
[ ] During warm seasons, wear less jeans and more skirts & shorts.
[ ] Learn to use over the knee socks without looking like a teenage goth / punker.
[ ] Accept the shape of your face even if it isn't your favorite.
[ ] Learn to be comfortable in front of camera.
[ ] Pay more attention to your hair, ponytail isn't the only option out there!

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

I want to wear some more skirts & dresses as well.

All the best for your new job.