Bike love

So yes, like some of you might have guessed, that cardboardbox in my last post hid my brand new Rainbow Bike in it. And I'm going to keep it hidden from you guys for a while still. Why, since you've all seen the pic of it earlier this month? Well, it wouldn't really be my bike, unless I did some customising to it!

Few parts were missing from the package and I have only started my DIYs last night, so it will take some time untill I'm satisfied. But here's something that has inspired me a lot while planning my Rainbow's final look.

3 kommenttia:

Mai kirjoitti...

omg. that bike will be insanely cute!
congrats for your new transportation! :)

Queen of the Castle kirjoitti...

I have an idea that involves my camera, your bike, you, and summer...and maybe some balloons!

The Sequin Cat kirjoitti...

The fourth picture? My bike. For reals.