Single day 4.

I'm being harsh on myself when it comes to work. I want to work hard and I want to keep myself occupied with that in order to avoid the obvious issue here. But there're things I'm more than happy to leave to others and not even bother to think of doing myself. One thing like that is doing the dishes. My only problem is that if I don't do them, no one else will. Unless. Here's when it gets either ridiculously smart or lazy, depending on who you ask from. Why not pay someone to do them for me!

Thank god for friends who study in University and balance between part-time work and full time school and are always short for money. 11pm today a friend of mine came here, did all the dishes, got paid and then shared a fruit salad with me.
My mom will not be proud, but I sure am.

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Haha...great idea! I could use someone to do the dishes for me, because I had a girls night at my apartment yesterday and the dishes are still waiting for me!


Hope you're doing better!