Single day 3.

Trying hard to look forward and not sparing too many thoughts to the present (self protection?). Good for me, the summer is coming fast and as if that alone wouldn't be just way too cool, the first line up for the Flow Festival was just announced.
This is just the first line up and I'm ready to buy the 3 day ticket already. Not bad.
Just check yourselves and click the picture below.


Many names I like, but I was especially pleased to see Warpaint in that list. I've been listening to them a lot lately.
I'm also trusting to find some new (for me) music this year and perfect way to start exploring the various bands and artists is to listen the Flow Festival 2011 playlist from Spotify. Find the playlist here. It will be updated frequently by the Flow crew.

Summer & Flow Festival come fast. Pain and sorrow piss off fast.

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