Single day 1.

As much as everything sucks right now and getting rid of all the negative feelings that have taken over my body and mind seems impossible, there's still some bright moments in my day.

These were waiting for me when I came home from work today. An old friend of mine had remembered me with some awesomeness. A dishcloth with MJ on it and an air freshener that smells like a chocolate cupcake.

Thank you! ♥

At work I couldn't just sit still for my coffee breaks and let my thoughts run free, so I went to Stadium with my co-worker, just to be her company. I ended leaving the store with these Race Marine shoes. They were cheap and I have a habit of shopping myself happier. So far no success, but I keep trying.

Now back to sulking alone. This might take a while, so you just have to bear with dark-toned posts. Not going to apologize.

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