Namesake bag

Gala Darling from iCiNG asked her readers to describe what would their namesake bag look like.

I started to think about that, and found it pretty fun idea to design my own bag.

It would be made from worn out black leather patches (no new leather, recycling and oh so trendy ecological values and so on). In size it would be big, so I can carry all my essentials and more in it. I constantly get comments from bf about my bags, that are often way too big for all the important things and they are always filled with some weird useless crap. But I like having my life in a bag, so this one has to be big baglady bag too.

Zipper has to be big enough, so it can cope my bullies teeth better than some small plastic zipper. My bullies are greedy little bastards and they are always searching my bag and hoping to find dog treats that I carry often.

Inside lining would be very bright neon pink (that color makes me happy), thik nylon. I'm a very messy person and my bag is always dirty. So easy wipe cleaning is a great choise for my lazy ass character. And even though the bag is black and easy to wear with most outfits, the neon lining adds its own touch and I can see happy colours every time I open my bag.

The design itself should show all the different sides of me and still be quite simple so I can wear it with different outfits. With skinny jeans, huge hoodie and colourful big sneakers and also with girly dress, leggings and heels.

Little bit of retro( worn out look and patch work), little bit of big city attmosphere (I ♥ NY styled I♥Me pin) and a girly vibe (pink lining and a satin bow pin). And not forgetting my sometimes tomboyish look. And you can change the look by changing different pins on the outside pockets. Maybe some delicious Tarina Tarantino bag candy too... Or then just use it without any pins and decorations!

Two big pockets outside to hold my iPod, mobile and keys in. And the bag itself would be divided in two inside. I don't like too much small pockets inside, because a) I never use them and only toss all my stuff to the bottom of my bag and b) I tend to forget what is in each pocket and then when I need something, I can't find it.

So two bigger sections would be great, then there is an opportunity to even try to be organized but I don't have to think about it that much. Me, lazy? Noooo...
For example, It could be worn like this. Mary Kate Olsen shows the way.

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