Oh joy!

Yesterday morning I was in a bad mood and decided to take a bus instead of walking to work. It ended up to be a very good choise as I spotted an interesting looking shop from bus window.
At work I immediately went online and found their site and guess what?! They still had Nikes limited edition Bambi sneakers on stock in my size!!! Wohooooo! I called there and there was one pair left. They close earlier than me and open before me, so there was a small problem, but the shop keeper boy promised to wait for me over an hour so I could go there after work. How nice of him!

Here's the link to the shop: BISQUIT STASH

And... tadaaaaa! Here they are, my lovely Bambi sneakers! ♥

Now I must say I have enough shoes. Or at least a decent amount. Few months ago I only had very dirty and broken Vans styled slip-ons that E brought me from Asia as a souvenir a year before. Now I have 3 pairs of heels, 1 pair of Converse Chucks, 1 pair of Adidas Super Stars, 1 pair of black sneakers and 1 pair of Bambi sneakers. Great!


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