Planning vol.2

Today I already started choosing what clothes to take in Stockholm in case I need to wash something. I went through my wardrobe and then with a help of Polyvore, I created the sets for you to see and me to remember.

You have already seen the travel outfit so here comes the rest of it.
Tuesday is the arrival day and on Wednesday I head to a Terrier Special Show with my bulliefriends.
This is for the show:

And for Thursdays Bullterrier Special Show I might use something like this from my previously made Polyvore set:

Friday is my shopping day and then I'll wear something like this:

Saturday is again a show day, this time heading to the World Winner Show '08 and planning to wear something like this from my earlier created Polyvore set:

Sunday I'll fly back to Finland and my plann is to wear what ever I come up by mix and match from the sets above.
All my outfits for the shows are casual but as I'm there only as a turist it's not that important. If I would be handling dogs in the ring, the I'd have to use more classic outfits and not that bright and street styled as my outfits are now.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Looking forward to see you. Nice outfits you have picked for your stay with us!! Maybe some will end up in my bag insted of yours at the way home.....he..he...
see you soon!
And my grandson of course...

hugs from jessica

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Looking forward to see you guys too! My bags are already packed and I'm ready to go.
If you're going to steal my clothes then I got a very good excuse to shop 'till I drop on Friday :D Urban Outfitters, here I come!

david santos kirjoitti...