This summer I actually have a little holiday! One week without any work and I'm heading to Stockholm to see three dog shows and maybe some shopping around Stockholms little boutiques too.
I'm super excited to go, this is just what I have wanted. Holiday in a beautiful city with super shops and at the same time, I have a chance to meet Gekkos brothers and sisters and his breeder too and all the other nice people. And I get to stay in Maggies home all the time in Södermalm! No boring hotels and the best of it, there will be other friends too and all the shops are near!

So.. I have done some planning. I have already made the list of the shops I want to see and I'm using Polyvore to plan some outfits. Maybe I'll take totally different clothes with me, but planning is so much fun.
This would be my traveling outfit.

Bananas and fruit juice are essentials to keep me energized and away from dehydration (one of my biggest problems.. not drinking enough). Big black hoodie and skinny jeans, because there is always cold in airplanes. My new yellow heels to add a little "international feeling" and a flower clip in my hair.. just because it's summerholiday.
I have one old suitcase which I'm planning to fix if possible, so I can take it with me. My pink iPod to keep me company and shades in case it's very sunny in Sweden (hopefully!)

I'll post other outfits later, they are not done yet.

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