My new toy

This weeks Monday I came back to work from my Sthlm trip and I was ready start cleaning the place because some renovation "accident". But what did I found when I opened my shops door?
No mess. No dust all over the place. But THIS!!!!
BF had found me a beach cruiser from sale and bought it for me as a surprise gift!! And he had also cleaned the shop and loaded my fridge and freezer full with food and goodies! Could my week start any better? No!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi friend!!!
hope you feel fine now!!!
nice bike! would like to see you on that blue one in the streets of Helsinki ....going very fast!!!!!!!!!
But blue???? maybe some paint on that one.... ;)) pink perhaps ;))

lots of kisses and hugs for everyone


Sushirobot kirjoitti...

I'm ok now, don't worry :)
But about me and my bike in the streets of Helsinki.... hmm.. not that safe as you might think. I'm not a good driver, I have no clue about the rules in traffic and I always have my iPod on so I have no clue what happens around me. I'm surprised I'm not dead yet, hahah!

There will be some paint on that bike, but not sure yet what color. Black or pink or...? We'll see.