Tea time

Last winter I started to enjoy teas more often and since then I have been in love with green tea. But now in my Sthlm trip I found a new love from a vegetarian restaurants tea assortement - Yogi Tea brands Green Chai.

I remembered that I had seen the Yogi Tea brand in Finland too so I headed to our nearst ecoshop Ruohonjuuri to see if they had it. And for my joy, they had the whole series!

Green Chai is said to be an Auryvedic tea with soothing effect. It is also good for meditation they say. I'm not really into those yoga-meditation-finding the inner peace persons. Well.. maybe just a little, but not much. But anyway, the tea is so delicious, the scent blows your mind and maybe it does relax you a little bit too.. Oh and it's organic ofcourse!

I also bought Yogi Teas DeTox tea. Lets see how it works.. And as soon as I go to Ruohonjuuri again I'm going to buy the Bedtime tea, because bedtime is my usual tea time and combining Bedtime tea with bedtime can't be a bad idea.
Maybe I'm turning into a hippie?

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