Social networking

It's hard to keep up with all the internet networks. And it can be really tiring sometimes, because you have to update your status in multiple networks all the time. So far I've registered myself in Facebook, MySpace, Irc-Galleria (Finnish) and Livejournal. I don't use Livejournal and MySpace anymore, but my accounts are still there. Then if we add all the other places such as Photobucket, Freewebs, Polyvore, Kuvablogi (Finnish) etc... Phew!!

Despite of all those I have an account in... I still made a new one today. Before I even updated my new profile in there, I started to feel as it was a very bad idea. But I don't want to quit just yet, I will check the place for a while and then delete my profile if I get bored of it.

Check my Twitter profile!

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