X-mas stress

X-mas holidays are getting closer and I just realized I haven't done anything yet! Well, not complitely true, I have my small Christmas tree on the livingroom table and 5 sets of Christmas lights on, but all the presents, food and stuff like that is something I have not even started with!

And I don't even have much time as I can't just go to shopping when ever I want as we now have three bullies here that need much attention and care. Phew.

For my luck, I only need presents for BF, mom, dad and brother. And dogs also, but they are easy to please and I have a homebase advantage with having my own shop. For mom/dad/brother I have things planned out but now I need the time to run around in shops.
Why this always ends up like this? I remember in November saying to BF that we should take care of all the prezzies then so there's no stress in Christmas.. For some reason it only stayed as a plan..
And the fun part is that BF is leaving to Oslo on Monday for some holiday shopping, so that means I have absolutely no chance of going then. Grr..

I also got my new camera and have lots of things I'd love to show you, but I have no time. I hope to make it after Christmas Eve. Then I have almost a week off from work and should have time to do all the fun stuff.
So if you don't hear from me before X-mas, it's just that I have too much to do and no time to update my blog.

BUT if you have ANY ideas what I could give to BF as a X-mas present, please share! He has already everything and I feel clueless.

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