Christmas plans

As I seem to have even more time, I decided to start planning our Christmas menu. I'd love to make something myself too this year and not just buy all ready or get food from my parents house..
So here's the menu. I added * to the things I plan to make myself. Some dishes of course don't even need preparation.

For sterters:
Fig-rucola salad (figs, rucola, home cheese, grape fruit and balsamico)*
Salted salmon and/or whitefish
Toast with smetana-red caviar sauce*
Pickeld cucumber and honey
Boiled potatoes*
Main course:
Reindeer roast & sauce*
Sweet potato casserole*
Carrot casserole
For dessert:
Chocolate pudding or chocolate dip for fruits
Water seasoned with lemon or fruits
Starting to feel hungry already!

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