New stuff

I bought a new hat for winter. It was a pure impulse shopping as I just fell in love with this Goorin knitted Lilly beanie ♥Also bought a new long shirt from WESC, but I can't find a picture of in black anywhere!!
This pic of WESC Luella sweatshirt (in grey/turquise) doesn't do justice to my lovely purchase, IRL is very cute.Mine is all black and I love to wear it with black top under it, semi-wetlook leggings, Goorin hat and my granny winterboots.
And sadly I didn't find the fakie UGG's from the store one reader suggested, but today found pretty nice fakies from an another store. Think I'll stop by there this weekend. First I need to go and try on an original pair of UGG's as I just found out that my friend living in a different city has quite cheap UGG's at her workplace.
Have to start counting my pennies and see what I'll get!

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