Getting rid off the negativity

I'm back sooner than I thought.. That is so me. I say I have no time and then I have. Also works to the opposite direction.
Anyways, I had to have some blog-therapy. I had so crappy night last night (2 dogs have stomach problems) and crappy day too, so I thought it would make me feel better if I write some positive things in here.
Things I want to do in 2009:
  • Summer vacation in Sweden with Gekko
  • Loose few kilos by eating more healthier - my raw food week is still undone, so may that be in my plan too!
  • Get drivers licence
  • Start to go to bed early and also get up in the mornings earlier than normally
  • Listen to music more often
  • Concider hard if I want to continue with my My Little Pony collection anymore
  • Sell all my useless stuff
  • Start to look for old, unmatching and flowery plates from fleamarkets
  • Paint and decorate my bike
  • Get new tattoos
  • Drink more tea
  • Buy one orchid and try to keep it alive
  • Keep home tidy and nice and remember what my pillow says

Now I feel better, thanks for reading!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Great to read some new blogentries from you! :)
Ja, the year 2009- I have so much on my list...for example
1. Get a great new and affortable apartment for little me (I looked at one today and I just need a bigger one...I have too much stuff but not enough money!)
2. Lose some kilos as well- as always! (I really need to excercise more and eat less chocolate!9
3. Really want to start selling stuff on Ebay...I need to get rid off a lot of things!
4. Save up some money so I can finally get a MacBook
5. Learn a new language! (Maybe finish? Haha)
6. Just to be happy with my life and don't let boys ruin it...

I am sure there is more...but thats it for now!

By the way, my little ponys are all at my mums house in a box in the basement, isnt that tragic?

Take Care


Sarona kirjoitti...

I guess I need to do my own list soon too...now I got the inspiration!