After founding Eero Aarnio plastic chair from dumpster last spring, I have been paying more attention to chairs. Before that I was never into chairs and even got rid of our kitchen table and chairs and replaced them with 2 high bar chairs and a bar table.
Some of the ones I'd like to have are sadly bit more pricey, but at least it's fun to dream about them or at least find ispiration out of them if I ever have a room to get more chairs.. And I can always keep my eyes open and hope to find something fun out of other people's trash!

Arne Jacobsen: Egg chair! ♥ 100 years edition I think..?
Charles and Ray Eames Plastic Chair.
I also like the arm chair version. The rocker isn't so much of my thing but it looks nice in other peoples houses.

Eames: Lounge chair. So ugly that it's cool.

Harry Bertoia: Wire Side Chair is a fun one too.
This one isn't a design chair, but I like it. It's actually from IKEA and everytime I go there I go and try one of these Tirup chairs, but never buy one.. I think they are bit too expensive to be "only from IKEA".

P.S. Almost forgot! We found a Eero Aarnio Pastil Chair from internet auction. It's propably some rare color (or we got screwed..). I will post pics of it later. Need more natural light to get the real color to the pic..

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LauraV kirjoitti...

"Eames: Lounge chair. So ugly that it's cool."

Totta. Samasta syystä olen yllättänyt itseni toistuvasti haaveilemasta siitä. Vaatimaton pikkuriikkinen tuhansien eurojen hinta vaan kummasti pistää miettimään tuolin mahdollisia huonoja puolia jotenkin ihan erityisellä antaumuksella. :D

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I Love the Panton Chairs...I definitely want to have at least 2 of them for my new apartment in white! I love them
I also love those Egg-chairs or Ball chairs, but they are quite pricey
I definitely want to get this lamp, it's pink and so pretty:
Now I just need to find the perfect little apartment for me!


Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Oh I totally forgot Panton Chairs!! They are really cute too.
And that Kartell Fly lamp is really nice, I'd propably take it in transparent, orange or grey.
Kartell has cool stuff in general too, I already have the Bourgie lamp in "silver" or what ever it is called.

LauraV: Toisaalta jos mulle eksyis vaikka toi Lounge, niin voisin hyvin pian sokaistua kaikille pikku vioille koska onhan se sentäs Lounge..
Vähän niin kuin Pastillikin epäkäytännölliselle, tilaavievälle mallille sokaistuu kun se on muuten niin mukava ja hieno. :)

W kirjoitti...

Ai ai, Egg on TAAS hieno. Taitaa olla kuitenkin näillä varoilla tyytyminen IKEAN Tirupiin. Onnittelut Patillista!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

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