What have I been doing lately..

Trying to make my face look more glowy and young by using these serums from Lumene.
The pink bottle is actually for +40 years, but I decided to play it safe and hope it works more effectively than the ones ment for people my age. :D
And this one is from Lumene too and only +25. Should make the darkness and bags under eyes disapear. Fun to use as it's a roll-on stick!
And then... HOOPING! Bought a purple-white hula hoop from Toys 'R Us as an impuls purchase after Gala Darling from iCiNG introduced her readers to this super funny "sport".
At fist it was really difficult! But then I started to get a hang of it and now I have been hooping every day and have really sore abs and ribs so it must work!

Flickr / Jett Loe

I'm not very good yet, but getting there! I haven't worked out for so long that it takes time to find those long gone muscles hiding under my skin.

Have a great weekend!

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