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So sorry about the long break! My Christmas and New Years weren't spent as planned and to make them more crappy, I had stomach flu.
But now I'm back and as I have had so little time and energy to think anything fun and/or blogg about it I decided to start the year 2009 by telling something about myself. Found this from some random blog while surfing. This is very long, so bare with me...

Name: Susanna
Nicknames: Suski
Birthdate: 24.5.1983
Birthplace: Espoo / Finland
Current location: in front of my iMac in our livingroom, in Helsiki / Finland
Eye color: Greyish blue
Haircolour: Dark brown.. so dark it's almost black
Height: 159cm I think..
Weight: ... let's keep somethings out of public, right? ;)
Piercings: Niebühr (=between my eyes), both nipples, both ears stretched to 12mm
Tattoos: Two ribbon bows on my chest, more to come!
Vehicle: My blue Electra cruiser!
Overused phrase: I don't know if I have any?

Food: I don't have one favorite food, but on top of my list I have sushi, pizza, thai food, mexican food...
Pub/disco/restaurant: Don't have that either. There's too many great ones out there!
Candy: Dragsters!
Number: Don't have.
Color: Love lots of colors but lets say pink, brown, black, grey, yellow and olive green.
Animal: I think I have to say dog as my life is pretty much surrounded by them...
Drink: Fresh mango juice
Body part on opposite sex: Eyes and hair
Perfume: Don't have any favorite.
TV Show: The Hills!
Music album: Right now I like The Ting Tings album We Started Nothing
Movie: Amelie, Chocolat, movies from Hayao Miyazaki,...
Actor/Actress: Hehheh.. I guess this is obvious.. Johnny Depp!

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi Max
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate if it's something I can eat and vanilla if it's a scent.
Hot chocolate or coffee: Hot chocolate, I don't drink coffee. Tea is a good choise too.
Kiss or hug: Depends.
Cat or Dog: Obviously dog
Rap or punk: Punk
Summer or winter: Deffo summer! I need sun and warmth to live. I think I must have been a reptile in my prevous life. I'd like to hibernate the wintertime and then wake up in spring to enjoy the beautiful nature and bask in the sun all day long.
Scary movies or funny movies: I like funny ones, but not like idiotic Scary Movie -type movies. Also sometimes enjoy horror movies, but my problem is that I miss most of the action because I "watch" the movie with my eyes shut because I'm too scared :D
Love or money: Hehheh, difficult one, but now I say money.

Bedtime: Usually I go to bed around midnight.
Most missed memory: Don't really look back and miss old times too often, but I'd say I miss my grandma and I wish she'd still be alive.
Best physical feature: My skinny wrists, haha!
First thought waking up: I hate that alarm clock sound!
Ambition: Lacking one right now.
Best friends: ..are the best!
Weakness: Lack of self-disclipine.
Fears: Dentist!!!
Longest relationship: 5,5 years and still counting.

Ever been beaten up: Nope. Got hit as a kid in some random cat fights I had with my friend though :D
Ever beaten someone up: No, but there has been times I wished I had! And I guess this doesn't count my tae kwon do classes or fights with my little brother?
Ever shoplifted: Yes. One marble from the flower shop as a kid. I was so scared and nervous and I took the smallest marble they had so it wouldn't be so bad :)
Ever skinny dipped: I think I have...
Ever kissed opposite sex: Maybe. Who knows?
Been dumped lately: No I don't think so.

Favorite eye color: Don't care, like all different kinds of eyes
Favorite hair colour: Dark
Short or long hair: Don't care as long as it suits
Height: Taller than me
Style: Varies... but mostly some indie / rock / punk guy.. bit geeky and bit of that dirty looks too
Look or personality: Both please.
Hot or cute: Hot but not too hot
Muscular or really skinny: In between

What country you want to visit: USA, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Australia... it's a long list actually.
How do you want to die: Happily in my sleep.
Been to the mall lately: Not since I was x-mas shopping
Get along with your parents: Yup.
Health freak: I wish I'd be but sadly the answer is no.
Do you think you're attractive: Sometimes
Smoke: Nope.
Drink: Rarely
Shower Daily: Sometimes
Been in love: Yup.
Do you sing: Sometimes when no one can hear me
Want to get married: Not really
Do you want children: No
Hate anyone: Occasionally

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