Chunky Monkey

Remember when I thought Gekko had broken my camera? It was also around the time when that cheeky little monkey boy turned 1,5 years. I had planned to take nice pics of him then, but 'cause of the camera thing and me moving to a new home it was just.. well, forgotten.

Yesterday we were at the obidience class again and after it we went to a beach with My home is going to be my Castle -blog's A to take those pics. Since Gekko's overwhelming love towards A makes it impossible for her to handle Gekko, the picture taking was left to her. So thanks a million A!
And for those who are waiting the new pics of my home I can say that it's not done yet. On Saturday I almost finished the kitchen. I could do more in there, but I'm not sure what I want now so at least for some time it will stay as it now is. The doorway/hall/call-it-what-you-want is still unfinished and won't be done until J comes back from Scotland. I don't own a drill so I need his help and can't do anything before he comes back.
And for the top of it all I still don't have an internet access at home. Well I do have the internet, but my laptop's net card is broken, thanks to the striped brown dog also shown in this post.. So try to bare with this painfully slow posting frequency.

2 kommenttia:

LauraV kirjoitti...

Gekko on silmiähivelevän komea katsella, mutta ilmeisesti melkoinen pain in the ass välillä. :D

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Joo Gekko pitää mut kyllä hereillä! Se on kiltti ja herkkä pieni muurahaispoika, mutta välillä muistuttaa enemmän hurrikaania kuin koiraa.

Nyt kun noi tytötkin jo kovasti kiinnostaa, niin välillä tuntuu että mä saan ihan keskenäni syödä koulutukseen tarkoitetut nakit. Tää vois vaan riutua rakkaudesta ja kuolla jos ei rakkauden puutteeseen niin ainakin nälkään.