For the whole summer I've been staying up late at nights. Sometimes for a reason, sometimes not. Cause my work schedule isn't the basic nine to five I get to sleep bit longer and not sleeping doesn't cost me so much trouble as it othewise would.

Tonight I've been busy doing laundry, getting way too scared in our basement (where the laundry room is), painting my nails with pink ("Berry sweet") and orange ("Cha cha cha") Orly nailpolishes, reading blogs and clicker training Gekko.

It'd be an amazing to go out for long walks every night but only thing stopping me is that I'm such a wuss when it comes to walking out alone in the dark. My heart races, I get sweaty and walk in ridiculously fast pace to get home as soon as possible. I keep looking over my shoulder and wish I had a bigger and scarier dog with even the smallest tendency to protect his owner.

Um.. Previewing this post makes me think I'm actually scared of lots of things. Maybe I should start practising tae kwon do again?

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