Work baby, work!

Unlike I thought and planned, my work didn't get any easier nor that I got any more day-offs after the shop & webshop openings. Oh no, boy was I wrong!
I got to find out facts that made me think all things over again and make the decicion of getting back to working alone again. As much as I would have loved to be not so full-time attached to my work all the time, I can't choose how other people choose to run their lives. All I can do is to make sure my work and life is safe and I don't just end up with bunch of unwanted troubles.So, back to work and also back to school. Don't think I have mentioned it here before, but last spring I got a phone call and was asked if I wanted to study to become a Business College graduate (Study Programme in Customer Services and Marketing). I didn't, but it's free and done under an indenture contract so I agreed in terms of hoping it would benefit my shop one day.
So far I'm glad I did. I've gotten lots of new information and most importantly, motivation towards my daily work. We have school approximately 10 days / year and the rest is done independently at home and work.
This is my second degree I'm getting under an indenture contract and for me that kind of schooling works fine.

Does anyone reading this ever studied like this? How did it work out?