I got this "You are an awesome girl" -award from Sabine. Thanks girl, you're amazing too!
Getting this award means I need to include a list of 10 useless or intresting things about me here, so lets see..

1. I love love love all the healthy diets and products and also the images of fresh fruits, vitamins, smoothies and such, but I could never hold on to a healthy way of living myself.

2. I go to therapy regularily. Clears my mind.

3. My index toe is longer than my big toe. Something I have inherited from my father's side.

4. I don't like questions "what's your favorite color?" and "what's your favorite/lucky number?".

5. I've been a shop owner since I was 23 years old.

6. I used to have good drawing skills. Not anymore.

7. I have a girl crush on Katherine Moennig.

8. When I was a little I played Batman and Robin every day with my friend Jussi. I was Robin and he was Batman. His father was the Joker, making scary faces.

9. I'm terrified of dentists and need sedatives when going there.

10. I used to keep Phasmids as pets.

I'd like to pass this award to My home is going to be my castle's A, she's truly an awesome chick and also today's birthday girl, congrats darling!
Also Liisa from Tunteellinen Pupu deserves this award without a doubt.

12 kommenttia:

Liisa kirjoitti...

Aaaaw, thanks darling! <3

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Great you did that! :)

I loved reading your answers. Very interessting!


Queen of the Castle kirjoitti...

oh my, thanks <3 I'll try to find the energy to do this soon <3 Ps. I donät even know who Katherine Moennig is...hehe

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Sabine: Hahahh, good 'cause I had a hard time thinking anything intresting about me that I haven't already shared in here :) Thanks for the award ♥

Annika: Katherine Moennig is the actress who plays Shane in L-code, you know, the androgyne one.

Queen of the Castle kirjoitti...

You can't be serious...REALLY?? Shane?? Now I can honestly say I don't know where you are coming from :D I'd prefer Jenny anytime over Shane!

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

She has annoying face, so annoying that I get pissed off everytime I see her.
Shane is way more hotter, beats that little Jenny anytime.

Liisa kirjoitti...

Peesaan Suskia tässä. Shane pieksee sen ärsyttävän itsekeskeisen narisijan mennen tullen. Shane on kuuma. Jenny ei.

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Hah! Siinäs kuulit.

Queen of the Castle kirjoitti...

Te olette väärässä.

Sushirobot kirjoitti...


Queen of the Castle kirjoitti...

Ei tuu pisteitä vaikka olis ylivoima, kun on väärässä.

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Eli siis 2-0. Mun blogi, mun säännöt, muahhahah!
Case closed.