I love Marimekko as you might already know and lately I've bought some new stuff to brighten up my spring. First, the Marimekko ♥ Converse collaboration Kirppu sneakers.

My very first pair of low Converses and even for my own surprise, I love them. I wasn't so sure about that when I was at the store though. So I actually bought two pairs, one high and one low but ended up returning the high ones to the store. "Pikku suomu" pattern just wasn't my thing, not even if it was black and white. It looks nice on everyone else, but my feet looked weird in them.

While returning I took the chance and changed the shoes to something else. After wandering around the store and argueing with myself about which items would be the best purchase at the time I ended up with these.

Kulkue & Diamonds tea towel set

Socks Rolled Down pitcher in bright turqoise

My new Pirput parput cushion on my bed still needs a bright solid yellow and solid turqoise cushions for company. I was also eyeing this delicious Pikku Jätski pillow for a loooong time, but 95 euros for a pillow just didn't seem smart. At least that day, some other day... you never know!

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

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