Candy colours

Seems like I'm just plain useless when it comes to holding money. After a long strugle I finally fell for the Moomin tea mugs and got myself Nipsu (Sniff) and Sosuli (Fuzzy) mugs. They make a lovely trio with my years old grey Haisuli (Stinky) mug.

Sosuli is the newest addition to Arabia's Moomin collection and she is the mother of Nipsu. I can understand that when looking at him but can you believe Hosuli (Muddler) is supposed to be his father? I have my doubts that there's something Sosuli hasn't told us...

The Hello Kitty mango and vanilla body splashes and cleaning wipes were an impulse purchase from H&M. I usually hate all their Snoopy, Hello Kitty etc. panties, cosmetic products and what ever they have but these just sold themselves to me just by their cute colours. And I was bored. Do I have a problem?

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Moomin mugs = L O V E. I've got the pink "Love" one as a Christmas present one year. They are really really cute!