In the spirit of ongoing Helsinki Ink tattoon convention, here're few pics of my newest tattoo(s).

All of them are done by Daniele Trabucco @ Kabubby tattoo. The pocket watch with Michael Jackson's initials was done last autumn, but we carried on my arm this spring with the bird, cage and some flowers. After finishing my backpiece last August I said I won't be getting any more tattoos or at least for a while. Well, I know better now and won't make such stupid statements. More ink will come but when and what.. who knows.

Btw, at the convention there are several skateboard decks for sale. All decorated by different tattoo artists and the highest bids wins. All the money will go for charity. If I had any extra cash I'd bid for my friend Leena Lumilampi's (Bonafide hki) deck. It's just way too awesome with it's delicate roses and detailed little bird. Sadly, I'm out of extra money so no cute decks for my walls :( In case you have some extra pennies hanging around, go and bid that beauty and help to raise money for good cause.
Sorry for the crap picture, I only had my phone with me at the convention..

Now off to bed. I'm going to a flea market tomorrow morning and have to get up so early that I think it's close to illegal. Good night sweet peas!

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ina. kirjoitti...

sä oot viilee ku jäätee. :)

Success kirjoitti...

Ice ice baby!

Tiina kirjoitti...

Etsiskelin juuri Leenan tekemiä kuvia ja päädyinkin tänne. Pieni pieni maailma :)