What a week! I have so much to do and some of them include learning new stuff and it feels I'm just too dumb for all that. New computer program, new phone, calculating stuff I'm not good at... blah. I'm excited about my new iPhone 4 but changing from Nokia to Apple has been bit complicated. If I had time and energy I'd been using it like a pro by now, but I don't, so my iPhone is neclected and can't show all it's potential to me. At least I got Spotify uploaded to it.


So what ever I have promised about posting "today" or "soon" or "tomorrow" just forget it. The post can be posted in 15mins or within a week. No promises. I'm anxious to get back to blogging, but some boring obligations have to be done first. It's just that I like this blog more than some of my work tasks (some are great, some little less great..) and I have hard time for finding motivation for them right now. So if you see me blogging here once a day, boycot this blog please. No blogging for me for few days!

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