Dead Mamas

Pic shamelessly stolen from her FB site.

I'd like to introduce my lovely friend Milja. The prettiest girl out there with a wicked cool personality and guess what? She makes jewelry! I met her today at the Puu-Vallila yard sale where she was selling her Dead Mamas -jewelry and in fairly reasonable price, if I may say so.


 Well you guys know me and my materialistic side so I believe it's no surprise to anyone that I got something for myself too. An anchor ring with a navy blue backround, swoooon! And since Annik has been super exhausted lately because of her job, I got something for her as well. Pale shaded pink rose brooch/necklace, hope she likes it.

Hey and one thing. You want to know why Dead Mamas excists? Yeah yeah arts and crafts make people happier and all that, but also while I and hopefully you too buy stuff from Dead Mamas, you help Milja to collect money to go traveling. Traveling, so she can get more inspired and make more cool stuff for us materialistic bitches to buy. Hurray for all of us! Now, contact this lovely lady and order yourself some goodies.

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Annik kirjoitti...

Yes I love it <3 Thanks love!