Hair inspiration

I should be sleeping already, but I'm stuck lounging at my bed. Cuddling my darling bull terrier and surfing hair inspiration. See, I've been growing out my hair style and now I'm starting to look bit too shabby and need to do something about it asap. I'm still undecided about keeping it short or going for extensions. I love it short and I have the best hair stylist to turn to, but I guess I'm like every other girl in the world. When I had long hair, I wanted it short and now when it's short I want it long.


I've been told that the short suits me better than the long hair and I have to agree. So keeping it short might be the final decicion, but then we have the problem with the haircut. Which way to go? Grow my hair bit more and cut it clean and smart? Or keep looking like an average lesbian or teenage punk and shave the head partly and go wild with the rest? Waaaahhh! The third option would be letting my hair stylist do what ever she wants. That has never failed before so that might be my choise again.

Untill I manage to book an appointment to Osos Polares, I will follow this cool blog called Cut your damn hair. Great inspiration for the ones planning new haircuts.

All pics in this post from here

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