May Day in Hell

This year I had something different planned for May Day. Me and Annik headed to Pasila to see the May Day in Hell International Doubleheadder Roller Derby Bout hosted by Helsinki Roller Derby. This time it was hard to pick a team to cheer for 'cause the teams were formed from players from different teams and countries. And in my case, I had favourites in all teams so I just had to cheer for all of them. What a good sport I am, don't you think?

I must say that watching a sport with aggressive blockers and fast jammers was much more fun than drinking the normal May Day style from morning to next morning. And I'm not saying we stayed fresh and sober all evening, but this was a good start for the celebration.
All pics stolen from Annik's camera, without asking. Some taken by Annik, some by me.

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