New skin routines

All work and no play makes Success a wrinkly girl. So I headed to The Body Shop after work today to get something for my face. I'm very reluctant to accept the fact that I'm slowly and painfully getting closer to my thirties and it's starting to show on my skin. Especially this winter has been hard. My skin type is very dry (BAD news for anyone getting closer to their first real wrinkles) and I'm very lazy to take care of it.


Mostly I think this bad habit of neclecting my skin is from my teens. Where most teens spent hours in front of the mirror panicing about zits, I was lucky to never have that kind of skin problems. Forgotting to wash my face didn't cause tens of red pimples on my face, so why would have I bothered? And this was a rhretorical question, please don't answer, I know the answer already... So maybe I could start by something simple like washing my face and moisturising it regularily.

I want to take things easy. No hard skin care routines that will kill my motivation from the start. Just few bottles of this and that and I'm happy. I already have the Nutriganics face mask and the Vitamin E moisturiser which work well for my skin. So I stayed with those series and added the Nutriganics face washing gel and the Vitamin E mask to my shopping basket today.
None of these are exactly ment to reduce wrinkles but the wrinkle problem is this far mostly in my head and it would be more important to just to take care of my skin rather than panic ridiculously much about wrinkles.

And look what else I found! The Body Shop has a new line of shower gels called Earth Lovers and I just happened to be in need of one. From very exotic choises of scents, I chose the apricot & thyme shower gel. I'm quite happy with this purchase. It was cheap (on sale for 6€), it doesn't include any parabens or other crap, the main ingredient (aloe vera gel) is Fair Trade and even the bottle is made from recycled bottles! Everything inside the bottle is 100% biodegradable. I like.

This evening I'm going to work with a face mask on and wake up tomorrow bit less wrinkly and sandpaper-ish sking. Peachy cheeks, I'm ready!

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