Soup Monday

As I've been writing at the RainbowDash blog, I've got a serious spring fever. I've been getting up early in the morning, eaten mostly veggies and fruits and when I have had time I've been emptying my head with some light meditation.

Now instead of gobbling down just fresh fruits and eating veggiesoups and dishes outside, I've started to cook. Cooking itself isn't something radical that people rarely do and should immediately be noted for, but when it comes to me, it apparently is. I thought I spend time in the kitchen at least moderately often but looking at my dog's face.. I'm not. Everytime I've started to cook something healthy, he's disapeared somewhere out of my sight like bathroom or under a chair. His face is full of doubt and it seems he's more worried about my bizzare actions than the cooking, pots and pans or chopping. He only reacts like this when I cook, when it's someone else it seems he's totally ok with it.

I have a theory though. He doesn't like my food. He's quite picky, been since a teeny tiny puppy and I bet he's not impressed at all about all this veggie diet of mine. But, he's a dog, he isn't supposed to understand this. As long as it's good for me and more importantly, delicious! Like these two soups I made today.

Fresh parsley
Veggie broth
Soy cream
Pepper, salt & herbs


Fresh spinach
Veggie broth
Coconut cream
Salt & herbs

Both oh so yummy, the latter bit exotic though. Sorry I have no real recipe for these, I just sauté the onions in butter, then pour in the broth and veggies and boil until all is soft enough to be mashed with the masher. Then I add the cream, taste if I need to season the soup more and tadaa, it's done! Easy.

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