Furtastic Finland

Once again we are talking about the fur industry in Finland in the media. A Finnish animal rights organisation Oikeutta Eläimille published a video material from Finnish sertified fur farms where they found lots of sick, injured and stressed animals which weren't getting veterinary care. The organisation filmed the farms secretly for months and saw same animals suffering from severe eye and gum infections month after month.


For anyone in their right mind, any excuses the fur farmers or politicians make to defend the industry are worth shit. It's very simple. I don't give a rat's ass if the animal looks healthy at the fur farm. It's just a simple fact that no wild animal (or other animal for that matter) should live it's life in a 0,8 square meter box. No matter if they are offered such a lavish motivation as a self or a piece of log to chew.

We have Finland's minister of Agriculture and Foresty Sirkka-Liisa Anttila saying that she enjoys her fur coat when it's cold out there but hey.. there are other options! Here's some reference if you don't believe me, I don't believe these guys on top of Mt Everest make any compromises when it comes to dressing up warm. I don't see any fur there, so I think Mrs. Anttila can survive in Finnish winter too without one. Same goes to my grandma, who with I'm always having an argument about this.

It's also been said that forbidding the fur industry raises unemployment, but I have a suggestion then. We could hire the unemployed as puppy beaters? Why not, as long as people are employed it seems an animal abuse industry is ok. Beating puppies is as useless to anyone as wearing a fur is.
Oh but wait, there was another excuse too. China does fur farming even more brutal! So supporting Finnish fur farming is actually supporting animal rights! Yes, I agree, never do anything better than others. Never show an example or follow others (many countries forbade fur farms already) just blame others of their even more shamefull actions and hope no one sees your own. If Chinese kick their foxes twice, it's ok that we only kick ours once. Ok, I understand and rest my case. Long live the animal abuse.. oh sorry.. fur industry!
Please go faux!

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