About a month ago I did a survey in some random website about what type of interior designer am I. The result was that my style is classic and I favor quality brands with a long design history. I felt bit weird with the result, because I've always seen myself more like a quirky decorator than a classic one. But then I started to look around me. Marimekko, Eames, IvanaHelsinki, Iittala,.. all internationally well known design brands, hmm.

I still don't agree with the result, but I see now how keen I am to certain classic brands. My Marimekko Räsymatto teapot isn't just a teapot to me. It's a design object that delights me even when it's not in use. My bedsheets are from IvanaHelsinki (with just one exception) and I eat with the classic Mango cutlery designed by Nanny Still. The list just goes on..

Kiddo often says, "It's all about mixing" (quite annoying phrase may I add) and I guess it also applies to my personal style. I'm deeply attached to many classic brands and their products but I like to mix them with my own way to drift founds, cheap Ikea stuff and old vintage furniture. I like graphic black and white patterns, but can still fall for a granny-ish rose patterns, knitted quilts or just a colorful, child-like prints like my Marimekko Dadel curtain.

Some snobbing is still out there. I was recently at the Clas Ohlsson and bumped into some really nice coffee cups. The price was ridiculous 1,95€ each but I just couldn't buy them. No tableware from Ikea or Clas Ohlsson or any other cheap chain like that. Some of the styles were bit of a rip-off from some Marimekko prints, also similar that Ikea is currently selling. Or well, not a rip-off maybe, but just reminded me about the Marimekko tableware just a wee bit too much. Just like the Ikea stuff, too Marimekko rip-off for me. So I left them to the store and am happy with my decicion. I still like them a lot, but just not in my home.

Back to the mixing. This mixing is just perfect for me. A collaboration between Marimekko and Converse! They will be in stores in Helsinki 4th of March and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

SO true! I really want the Kartell Fly lamp in pink for my new apartment.

And I also can't wait for the Marimekko & Converse collection!




Success kirjoitti...

Fly lamp is very cute! I like the shape of it but I would have great difficulties of chosing a colour - too many yummy options!