Bad consciense for sale, bids starting from 4,90€!

Going to a city center for a meeting and then waiting few hours to get my bag from repair got expensive for me. Well actually it was cheap as hell - I made some great deals while my consciense was nagging in the back of my head all the time for shopping at H&M and GinaTricot. But I got this excuse that these are just basic garments for my garderobe. All the "real" clothes I still buy either second hand or somewhere um.. less boring.

Both pics from H&M

Those two jumpers look awfully boring in the pic but they are quite nice on. And cost only 9,90€ each! I also bought a flowerprinted dress and a big grey pullover (4,90€, gosh!).

But something that was ment to be just a quick stop at the work meeting and then back home ended up costing me 2 jumpers, 1 pullover, 1 dress, 250g of fine Belgian chocolate from Kaakaopuu-chocolate store, sushi lunch and few pennies for the shoemaker to fix my bag. I also had something in mind for Kiddo's birthday, but couldn't get what I wanted, big boo for that. And I have to be lame and not share what I was going to get her, since she's peeking my blog all the time and that would spoil the surprise.

Anyway, this was just a random and totally pointless post that I felt I needed to write to get over my shame for buying something impulsive and meaningless like this. It totally argues with my decicion to stick mostly to second hand or otherwise quality clothing.

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