Hello! Welcome to my home.
We have two bullterriers living here with us.
And a huge cupcake on our wall. I painted it.
Some old and old looking boxes in our bathroom.
This is the small piece of art I bought recently.
And this bully graphic is made by Anneli Woll. She is Gekkos breeder and I got this as a present.
This orange Eero Aarnio chair I found in the dumpster. Uglydoll is a present from my friend and that panda I have had since a one year old.
These pillows are new. Left one from Marimekko and the long one from Indiska.
Like I said in my earlier post, Arizona bottles are beautiful!
This new curtain I got from my friend. It is so pretty that I can't get my eyes out of it!
Water bowl for dogs.
Let me show you the door... Bye!

3 kommenttia:

Niko kirjoitti...

Yeah, vanha kunnon Panda viel kehissä!!!

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Tietty, Panda ei lähe koskaan!

Tiina kirjoitti...

Hauska sattuma! Paitsi että asuntonne on ihana myös sisältäpäin olen kadehtinut sitä myös ulkoapäin! Maailma on pieni.

Sisäkuvat tuttuja myös eräältä foorumilta, jossa voimistelemme ;)