10 things I like today

1. Pappagallo Chocolate ice-cream
Had some as dessert today. Pappagallo never lets you down.
2. Lentils
This month I decided to eat only vegetarian food so I have made a new friend out of lentils. Never tasted before, but now I'm in love. I have so far tasted only red lentils.
3. Rain
For some strange reason I have enjoyed rain lately. And forest after rain is one of the most peaceful things in the whole world. Usually I'm a big fan of sun and warmth, but now I don't mind at all that it's raining.
4. Fall
I always get inspired and busy in the fall. After years in school my mind is orientated to be active and ready to learn and do new things in this time of the year. It only takes few months, then I get to the hibernation mode and do nothing until the spring arrives again.
5. Hats
Fall is a great time to use hats. Today I have my new cap on. A black and soft cap with a big button on side. And maybe tomorrow I'll wear my new Diesel knitted hat with that old mowhak logo printed on it.
6. Clean home
It was a joy to wake up this morning and see how clean and (semi-)organized our home was. Nothing beats you down more than a messy and ugly home.
7. Planning
I have millions of things in my head right now. New jewelry, tattoos, our home office project, dog stuff, renovating wishes,... Like today, I often get so carried away with my excitement when planning new things. Yay!
8. Darkness
This is the only time of the year when I'm still able to enjoy the darkness. I put my Christmas lights on and sometimes light up some candels too and enjoy the peaceful light.
9. Pale skin
I must say, this is one strange time. I usually hate rain, darkness and my pale scandinavian skin, but now.. I love it. All my self-tanning lotions are buried inside my cupboards and I don't even miss them! I love how my white skin looks like when I add some pale pink colour on my cheeks and go out to the crispy fall weather. I must be sick.
10. My bullies
Every single day they drive me insane with their naughty tricks and missbehavior but I could never imagine living without them. Like for now, Gekko is screaming on the back room beacuse he wants to go home from work already, but as much as I hate him screaming and seeking my attention, he is still so lovely and happy looking when I go back there that there is no way I could me angry to him. My two little idiots. ♥

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