I have a food crisis. As you might have guessed after my latest post, I have a sweet tooth that is very much alive and kicking. I also would like to change my eating habits to a bit more healthier and maybe loose few kilos too. But my sweet tooth is causing that plan some serious problems since after all, I have no self-discipline. I don't have meal times and I usually start craving foods when I'm seriously hungry. And by then.. I don't care about the healthy foods I just eat what ever is easily on hand and sounds like a big meal. At work that mostly means macaroni and some sauce or noodles or garlic bread.

I'm very impulsive eater and I can't live by any planned menu because if I have planned that on Tuesday I'll eat feta salad I might not feel like eating that when Tuesday arrives and then I get grumpy because of the lack of self-discipline and then I just go and eat huge bowl of macaroni. See the pattern?

So now I try to slowly change the way I eat. I have started to eat breakfast and hope it keeps me more happy and out of all the cravings at least for a while. I still have to improve the breakfast to more healthier way but at least now I'm eating one!

Bread with bit of butter and fresh basil and tomato slices. Turkish youghurt with honey and a glass of home made apple juice.
My vegetarian month ends today and on Saturday I start my vegan week. Eating more veggies is good, but I have a bad habit of adding lots of cream and butter and sugar with them and in general just eating way too big meals at a time. I will report later how my eat-healthier project is going on.

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