They like it raw - what about me?

Every now and then I've found myself browsing through raw food sites. It's something that seems to interest me for some reason. Today I found myself from Heathy's blog Adventures of Raw Goddes Heathy drooling over raw cupcakes and all the other yummy looking delicacies. They look and sound so good so I think I'll have to try some of the things I have found from her blog and from We like it raw -website.

I know that now the people who know me laugh their asses off since they all know that I lack all the self discipline in the world and also am a huge fan of good (and unhealthy) food.. I can also see my one friend who is in med school choking on her tea while reading this and propably she'll give me a lecture about good nourishment and so on. But I don't care, I think this sounds fun!
You have to admit that these pics look good:

This month is my vegetarian month and I have left all meats out of my diet for one month. I do eat dairy products and eggs now. On October we have an animal week in Finland so that week I'll try how it feels to eat only vegan food and maybe I'll make one week for raw food only to see how it goes. These food projects are fun!

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