Virus attack!

I'm at home today cause I'm sick. Got this weird disease called shingles that isn't really common to people my age. But with stress, you can get things like this.
I'm in pain and don't cope well without Codeine and top of it all, I look like shit. See for yourselves, not really fit to go out in public.The red areas on my forehead and eye are full of teeny tiny blisters. It's all over my scalp too and it hurts a lot. Even a small wind on my face feels like gazillion knives ripping my face. It's caused by the chickenpox virus that is left in my body after having it as a kid. And apparently the virus didn't like to see me stressed for this long period and decided to kick my ass a bit.

I'm so bored here and need something to do. I have glitter and sequins but don't know where to put them. Ideas, anyone?

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

OH NO! I hope you feel better very soon! :(