Got tagged, thanks Bine!

I got tagged by Sabine from Lets go find a rainbeau. This is a long one so be prepaired, here we go.

How would you define your style?

-Umm.. Atm when it comes to style I'm ispired by grey and snow washed skinny jeans, loose cardigans, my non-prescription eyeglasses with thick black frames, sequins, loose basic t-shirts made from thin fabric so it's nearly see-through shirt, cute bright coloured and frilly knickers, bright coloured nailpolish (blue, pink, orange, yellow,...), my very dirty loosely tied Converse sneakers, Michael Jackson, messy hair carelessly on a bun, well done tattoos, hats...
I know what I like but am often too lazy to pay attention that much of what I wear. I have a bad habit of getting stuck with just few items and wear them too much until I get bored and move on.

What is your favourite item of clothing EVER?

-Hmm.. I don't feel that strongly about my clothes, even that I'm very fond of many pieces. But I think I must say my black Converses cause I keep buying new pair everytime I broke one pair and always in black. I can't imagine having no black Converses on my wardrobe, that would be a catastrophe! I keep dreaming about other colours too, but never manage to buy them, I'm loyal to the black ones.
Not very imaginative, but let's face it - Chuck Taylors are good with what ever clothes. Always.What is said favourite item of clothing most suited to e.g sailing the seven seas as a free-booting boccaneer, a street carnival in Rio, afternoon tea at Ritz?

-Like I said above, black Converse Chuck Taylors.

Share a fabulous or just plain entertaining style-related story.

-Hmm.. this is difficult. Only I can think of is about dog show and it's not even fabulous or entertaining but here it is.
I was showing Gekko at the Finnish Winner -08 Show and shared few pics of that show later with a friend who lives in an another country. Depending on a person and maybe also the country where you are, the dressing etiquette can vary quite a bit, but the basic rule maybe is that don't dress too wildly so the dog you are showing stays as the point of focus. So for me that means black clothes, but nothing too fance even though that many wear nice suits and are really dressed up to occasion and etiquette.
I had my black leggings, black sweater and my dark green knitted cap, the ones I posted earlier in December.
Anyways, after looking at the show pics the friend of mine had a small silent pause and the only commet about the whole show was: "I've never seen anyone wearing a HAT in the show ring." Nothing about the dogs or anything else, he was just too shocked or amused about me wearing a hat in the ring. I didn't see anything inappropriate of it, but I guess he wasn't used to it (he wears suits while showing his dogs).

Who are your style icons?

-I don't obsessivly follow anyone as my style icon. It's more like I see someone beautiful with great style I take my ispiration there and then and not assume the same person looks as good every time with what ever she's wearing. I like to see people with strong personal styles even if their style is no where near mine. Just seeing a person with great style inspires my own creativity.
But in general I'm more drawn to relaxed styles with a girly twist, big messy hair and like it or not, skinny figures.

Which song would have been written to you?

-Oh my, I don't have a clue. I actually hardly read/listen to lyrics so I don't have any song in mind that sounds that it's written (or should have been written) to me. But if I have to say something, I am a sucker when it comes to love songs so maybe good old fashioned lovesong. Or some energetic, party starting punk/pop/rock/ska -influenced happy happy song.

What is your favorite fairytale?

- I need to stick with what Sabine answered and say The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.Favourite word?

-Haha, at the moment I've noticed that I use the word "hot" very often. Don't know why, but it just comes out naturally so I guess that's my current favorite word.

Dream trolley dash locations?

-Hmm.. Stockholm of course but also London. New York, Tokyo, and cheap markets in other Asian countries are still to be experienced. I'm not that picky..

Dream location for your future Vogue shoot?

-Somewhere in the streets of New York. Brick walls, graffiti, lights,.. an urban enviroment.If you could hire one fashion designer as your personal tailor, whom would it be?

-As little as I obsess over style icons, I think even less about designers. But just without further thinking, I say Stephen Sprous (if he'd still be around us), Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and the guys at Heatherette.

Signature scent?

-Signature or not, I use the loveliest Harajuku Lovers - Love scent. Also enjoy my TBS Vanilla scent alot. Sweet scents are for me.Which era would you most like to live in?

-This is good, wouldn't want to change it.

Most recent purchase?

-Last time I was shopping it was in Stockholm less than a month ago. I bought 2 x Cheap Monday skinny jeans, cardigan, a black hat from Urban Outfitters, one ridiculously huge t-shirt and a neon pink Space Invaders reflector.A tough one... If you were a food, what would you be?

-Macaroni with lots of ketchup, big slices of avocado and some cheese on top of it. Messy, not matching, soft but bit spicy and good with everyday life.

And finally.. Who is the love of your life (so far)?

-My little ant boy, Gekko.

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Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Loved reading your answers and the last 2 pictures are great!
You're definitely right about the chucks, I have them in black (3rd pair), white (2nd pair), chocolate brown, pink and leather ones in brown...they really match EVERYTHING!