These are my favorite pair of jeans. In the morning I was running fast with Gekko, my other bullie, and trying to catch the tram. Suddenly Gekko ran in front of me and stopped before I noticed anything. Well.. by looking my beloved jeans, you know what happened next.. I was on my face on asfalt, sunglasses flew somewhere from my head, purse flew and my both knees and hands got some damage. It hurted like hell (still does) and top of it all, Gekko thought it was the funniest stunt ever and jumped on top of me and tried to rip all my hair off! NOT funny.My knees in the evening. The blood is dried and the bruises are starting to show.
My other hand. You can see the scratch mark and some other bruises on my arm that are made by my lovely puppy Gekko who still bites like puppy dog if he gets excited.
Something good came out of this too, I got a reason to use my kissing lip shaped plaster! And flames on my wrist too.

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