Sneaker post

I had to come back after surfing around for pretty sneakers and share what I've found.

But first I post a picture of my dogs stylish boots in black and gold. They wear them if it's way too cold of if they have some cuts it their paws. And besides being super cool, they fit very well and either of my dogs don't mind wearing them which is a huge plus.

These ones are Reebok Lumberjack Series BB 5600 sneakers. I love the colours.
Pic from http://www.trendmill.com/

These seem to be everywhere now. Reebok Freestyle Reign Bows. I have my soft spot for pink, but I also like the orange ones and yellows too. And you can spot a bullie in one on those! The ones in the middle of front row, can you spot it?
Pic from http://www.mes-chaussures.com/

Nike Dunk SB "Three Bears"
Colours are super, not sure about the fake fur and I prefer the high models instead of these mid ones. But it's hard to find pretty coloured sneakers, so these are in my top 10 now and I try to close my eyes on the fake fur.
Pic from www.nicekicks.com

I also should post pic of Converse All Stars Chunks here, in black ofcourse, since they are the best of the best but I think everyone knows what they look like. I will propably wear them always. I had them in fabulous houndstooth fabric before, but sadly they were worn out (like all my chunks after 1-2 years) and I don't think they are available anymore *sigh*

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