As I feel I'm still getting to know this blogging system and it's getting to know me, I decided I want to share some of my treasures to make this blog look more like me and not just the stuff I want.

I'm a toy collector. I collect mostly G1 My Little Ponies (the ones from 80's - early 90's) but I have teeny tiny side collections of The Snorks and Popples. As a kid, The Snorks was one of my favorite cartoons. I watched it every Saturday morning among with other lovely cartoons like TaoTao, Captain Planet, Maija Mehiläinen (Maya the Bee - german-japanese-austrian anime based on german book), Peukaloisen Retket (Nils Holgerson - japanese-austrian anime based on a swedish book) and Smurfs.

This is my Pony wall. This one is an old picture, even the wall is different colour now. I don't know exactly how many ponies I have, I guess bit under 200 and we are close I think. I haven't bought ponies for two years now because I have had so much things to do and take care of, but as soon as I have more energy (and money), I'll get more active again.

This is an another place I keep my Ponies. This is better place to keep them, away from dust.

I don't have a picture of my Snorks and Popples collections yet, but in case someone doesn't know what The Snorks are, here's a pic of two of my firugines. Daffney and Dimmy. Sadly Daffney has a broken snorkel, but I have two of those :)

I also have this. I hade it as a kid, but after growing up my parents sold it but few years ago I bought a new one from internet auction. This is the one and only console game, I don't want any Nintendo Wiis or XBoxes, this old Nintendo NES has the best games too! So far I've got only Super Mario Bros and Bubble Bobble. I definalitely still need at least Tetris and Super Mario 3.

I also try to find the three handhelds from my childhood too. One was Donkey Kong in the orange handheld, but there was also one blue and then this one black-white spaceship game my dad bought me from business trip.

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sanna sannanen kirjoitti...

äääääää! jos jostain löydät tän ja haluut maksaa siitä paljon, se on sit annettava heti mulle.

Sushirobot kirjoitti...

Hyvä ajatuksenjuoksu :D "Osta toi kalliilla ja anna mulle". Muahaahhaa, varmaan hei!

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! kirjoitti...

Wow, you have many "My little Ponies"! They look great in that pretty shelf!
Do you remember "The last Unicorn" & "Rainbow Brite" as well?