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I went shopping today in order to spend some of my gift cards I got last Christmas. Before I even knew it, I 'd bought these shiny neon pink heels.. I've been bit worried of my black-is-the-only-good-colour-on-clothes phase, so I suppose these are enough colour to my wardrobe :)Still need more black though.. This lovely dress is perfect for hiding my love handles and Gekkos bite marks on my hands, haha. And it's a totally new style for me, I usually go for more basic dresses. I'm so happy I found this.

And these are my new shorts. Perfect to wear with leggins. I'm not that happy with my thies, so let's see if I can ever make myself wear these without leggins. Anyway, they are super cute!
My little darling stylist and photography assistant making sure everything goes smoothly.

And now is the eve of 1st of May and others are out celebrating and I'm spending my night home alone with dogs, since bf is out on fishing trip. I've made some easy but yummy food to celebrate my own night. Pizza is of course the mother of all foods to eat while wearing nothing but leggins and a warm cardigan and snoozing on the sofa under a comfy flower printed blanket.
My fave is spinatch-garlic pizza.

And for dessert, chocolate dip with fruits and berries.
Easy receipt for the dip:
100g dark chocolate
bit of cream

Melt the chocolate on the microwave (1min) and mix some cream in it. Then 30sec on the microwave again and stir untill it's how dip is supposed to be. Then dip what ever you want in it, but don't burn your tongue, it's hot!!
I had apple, mango, strawberries, rasberries and grapes to dip.

And try to ignore are the spelling and grammar mistakes, I'm too full and tired now to preview this..

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