Spring is here and it's again time to drool some bikes. For couple of years I've been dreaming about my own customised lowrider, but because some boring money problems and bad timings, I still don't own one.
As a starter, I want a chome lowrider that I can customise and make it look like me. I haven't made up my mind yet, wether I want to paint it with pale pink glittery paint or just leave shiny chrome. I will change some parts to golden twisted ones (or maybe silver?) and then ofcourse some girly streamers are must-have. Grips and saddle has to be leopard print and tires maybe pink, white or black. Some mirrors and horns too and those little colourful plastic pearls every kid had on their bikes wheels in the 80's.

I haven't managed to find many cute bike pics online, but here's some. Not girly, but quite nice.

This one is cool, wrong colour and too little accessories (if you can use that word with bikes?), but I like the idea.
Pic from The Chopperdome

I love those golden parts! White tires are nice too, but green grips and other are terrible, 100% a boy bike and not suitable for a girl like me.
Pic from http://www.nybonecollectors.com/

This is a pretty all chrome bike. Love the spare tire on the back and horn. Very cool bike and both girls and boys would look super driving with that.

Pic from Kreative Power

Not even a lowrider, but this Nirve bike is so pretty on this pic. The whole picture is so pretty and makes you in a good mood, so I had to post it in here. Well, maybe that helmet isn't so pretty, but safety is important.

Pic from The Chopperdome

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