Mad Hatter

I have this lovely black and pink Paul Frank trucker hat / baseball cap what ever you wanna call it but my problem is, that my head is too small. I have seen lots of tiny girls wearing similar caps, but none of them looks like such an small headed geek with them like I do.

Before, when I used to have loooong dreads it wasn't a problem, because my hair was so thick it made my head normal sized, but now I have normal straight hair and all my caps look ridicilous.
Like these girls. I'm sure they are tiny girls and their head looks normal, not over sized or anything and those caps fit perfectly! Life's unfair.

Maybe some Ed Hardy trucker cap would be nice. Or that male model from LA Fashion Week 2007 on Ed Hardy Show.. well at least his tattooed arms are nice, not yet sure about the face though.
Or this from David & Goliath:

This army cap is fun too:

Maybe I end up mad like Mad Hatter. Mad without hat or mad with ridicilously big hat on my small head.

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