Summer is soon here and that means no brown/grey/other boring colours anymore! In dog fashion it's the same deal and I have my eyes on these lovely collars that my lovely dogs definalitely need. See, even my dogs need these, not just want, need.
The martingale collar is perfect for bullterriers and other fat necked breeds. Normal buckle collar can easily slip through their heads. I always adjust the martingales so that they don't choke, only 1cm "choking" so it won't slip over their egg shaped heads.

This is my absolute favorite now. Cartoon collar with action phrases like "POW!" and "CRUNCH!" in it. It would make a lovely couple with this childrens spring jacket with similar print and bullies in it. I would post a picture of it, but copying from Seppäläs website is not possible.
This one is cool too. Perfect for geeks. Shame that the colour doesn't go very well with my white and dark brindle dogs. On blue or black it would go very nicely.

This in one of the must-haves too. It's so bright and fresh that my bullie boy Gekko is perfect for wearing it. Happy young boy with lots of tricks and boyish pranks on his sleeve and that orange lace is like a warning sign for those, who are tired and not for a mood for little shoe chewing.

This isn't actually a bright coloured spring collar, but it's from a new spring collection and I absolutely love it. Going to get these for both my dogs. It suits both white and dark brindle so for once I can wear matching collars on them.

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