Long live Tarina Tarantino!

One of my greatest love. The girliest, prettiest, cleverest jewelry that makes my day any day. There can't be sorrows or bad moods that can't be fixed with TT. I heart Tarina Tarantino.
So, unlike I promised in my first post, I seem to be flooding this blog in every few hours. But that's because I'm bored at work right now, and have too much time to surf on internet.

Here's my favorites from Tarina Tarantinos collections and my own TT pieces too.
Queen of Pink jet cameo necklace (one of my first TT necklaces!):

Hello Kitty Russian Nouveau heart necklace:
I have one earrings bit like these. They are different colour, pearl is same colour as in here but the bow is peach and mine don't have those little stones at all and they are drop earrings, not studs.Hello Kitty mascot bag candy (I have this, but HK is dressed up as a pale pink bunny, not strawberry):

Hello Kitty mascot charm necklace (I have two of these, one with HK dressed up as an strawberry and one HK dressed up as an pale pink bunny):
And like a good TT fan, my precious TTs don't live in just any jewelry box, but Pink Head Rose Style jewelry box like this.
And from here are some pieces I would like to get. It's not all, there are tons jewelry from older collections I'd die for, but this entry would be sooooo long if I'd post them all. These are all available now.
Gothic Lolita Pink Head lucite chain necklace:
Pink Head extra large round cameo ring:
Translucen lucite Barbie pendant necklace:
Tokyo Hardcore neon bow anywhere clip (the neon green and orange ones are cool too!):
Queen Alice bow anywhere clip:Lucite cameo bow anywhere clip:
"Hardcore Box" neon pink handbag:
Super sized crystal coctail ring: Baroque lucite "love/hate" multibead necklace:Queen Alice baroque pendant necklace:
Queen Alice toggle heart nekclace:
Tokyo Hard Core neon four row necklace:

Pics from T A R I N A T A R A N T I N O

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