Camilla Martelius loves bullies!

Who knows the Swedish designer Camilla Martelius? She has created adorable products featuring Bull Terrier, sheep and other cute stuff. My obsession started with the Bull Terrier stuff, but there is other lovely items too.

This lovely bag is very handy, it's small but still I manage to stuff lots of things in it. I often use it when training my dogs, I can put all the treats and small toys in it.

This t-shirt has a picture of Morris the Bull Terrier driving car. I like the picture, but I don't use this shirt much. I bought lady-fit and it's just too short for my taste. Maybe I get some mens shirts next time.

These lovely items are still in my want-list, but I have a feeling that I can remove them from that list quite soon ;) And hopefully I will have Camilla Martelius products on my shop soon too! Make-up bag:

Washing bag:

Hippo purse:

And I NEED this lovely pillow on my sofa:

And this bag holder for plastic bags is so cool. It will solve my endless storaging problems with ugly plastic bags:

Kettle holder:
Fridge magnet:

All pics from Camilla Martelius

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

hi from germany,

will get tattooed her bullies tomorrow. love them too and have 2 bullterriers by my own. live with this breed since over 25 years.

have a nice day